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Most within the designers use functionality as criteria when designing a carrier.Pockets are outside and inside the cup of joe.Today,cell phone and iPod pockets are an added attraction.External zip pockets change the design,look and feel of having a bag similar to studs which create an exclusive design.

Former Spice girl Victoria Beckham will be the owner of 100 plus Hermes bags in various colours.The bag's size and shape (standard dimension is 35cm) is incredibly classy that you can do Birkin whenever needed and the feel and the body of the Birkin just adds to its USP.The metallic hardware on the bag is plated with gold assaulted other precious metals,while palladium,which does not tarnish like silver.Remember,Hermes can discontinue its products each time.For many gung-ho women,getting a Hermes Birkin is along with a kind of investment since bag gets restored after a spa treatment which is valued at hundreds of dollars.Forbes Most Extravagant Handbag List can't be without this ladies handbag.